Sunday, July 31, 2011

East Coast Chillin

This past week I spent my time on the East Coast. From the Jersey Shore to the Philadelphia Phillis game to Shopping in New York City it was by far the busiest week of my summer. Here's a little recap of what I've been up to these last seven days:

Exactly what today was…it was one of those love/hate sort of days. Apart from a few bumps in the road, it was definitely enjoyable and….adventurous. My Sam Edelmans gladiators were no best friend to me today though…my feet are killingggg me and sitting on a bus has never been so relaxing. Sooo back to the day(focusing on the love part of course)..Brandy Melville you topped it off.Nothing beats retail therapy…especially when someone is feeling exra generous that day 

[As much as I hate pulling a mirror picture, I had to show my new obsesssion! I lovelovelove my gifted Brandy Melville shirt:)]

I never thought id see the day where I would stand in line for 2 hours at a MUSEUM, but it happened and today was that was day (gonna have to give a shoutout to all the people of NY for keeping me entertained with their street "swag"…so thank ya thank ya thank ya.) People-watching for 2 hours really makes the time go by, so that was GREAT. Anywhooo.. the Alexander McQueen Exhibit at the MET is there for another week so I definitely recommend the wait, plus the site seeing included;) 

The master mind of McQueen at the MET^^^

 I don’t know what he was thinking while creating headpieces of butterflies and armadillo shoes, but dang does it work. Lets just say...Mcqueen=GOD. There was a strict policy enforcing "no photos,” but here are a few of his romantically fierce and original art work...not saying I took these or anything.

JACKPOT. Heaven on earth right there and while I was so tempted to buy these killer Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, my college budget forced me to holdout. 

NYC...which meant time for another very rare trip to TOPSHOP. Lucky me though... I found this super cute red fringe cross body bag on sale for 20 bucks! CHAA CHING.

Italian Hoagies, Pizza and Canolis filled up my week and man it was soooo good. After a trip into New York City's Soho, we made a quick stop to Little Italy for a small dessert. It was a perfect sweet little treat for after dinner later that night.

This was a very long week, but it's always nice to hang out with the family and adventure around the city. Peace out East Coast! So happy to be home:)

Some more Ellie<3

Guns and Horses  Ellie Goulding

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