Tuesday, January 15, 2013

With the New Year already on its way I have a few lifestyle changes that I want to make. "Old me" simply would like to remind "Future Me" that just because your lucky self got a parking ticket on Day 1 of the New Year and the flu on Day 2 it's not all down hill from there! 

 In fact, these two small unfortunate incidents only instilled a reminder to stay positive and be more aware of some of the smaller things as this year's journey continues. 

With a new number at the end of the year, an overnight transformation isn't going to happen and setting the infamous, annual resolutions has, over time, become apparent that they don't tend too last all that long (mine, at least). Is it the standard I set these new goals at? Are they physically and mentally unattainable? It's important to remember there are 12 months in the year....and I've realized success to make a change comes by taking small steps and doesn't need to happen all at once. Yes, it's only been two weeks since the start of the new year, but already I've noticed a new found energy level, determination and desire to try a few new things. 

1.) Cook one new recipe a week - Food blogs have become my morning newspaper recently....and Pinterest. There are endless number of fun and healthy recipes that take no time at all. I know saying a new recipe multiple nights a week is a stretch considering my schedule...and lack of patience, but hey, one night a week...gotta start somewhere! Stay tuned:)

2.) Sit down and eat dinner - I'm always on the go and eating seems to happen as I'm making dinner and rushing around to do things. Overall, I have a tendency to not sit down and never relax. Getting my butt on a chair to actually enjoy my meal will definitely be harder done than said. 
3.) Less social media - more books! Amazon just delivered the Happiness Project, which I've already fell in love with, but instead of scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, or heck, Facebook, getting lost in a good read will hopefully replace at least a little bit of the tech instead. 

4.) Find adventure and get outside on the weekends.

5.) Take the extra step! Less procrastinating and more doing at that moment. 

6.) Stay positive - Overall, I'm not a negative person and I tend to look at the brighter things, but at times I get side tracked focusing on what isn't going right that day. Instead of taking a moment to even acknowledge what may not be going right, pushing it to the side and finding a distraction can shift a mood drastically and keep the energy alive!

7.) De clutter and organize - all from the outdated/useless junk on my computer to the overflowing dresser drawers!

8.) Yogurt land 2 times a week....instead of 4:)

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