Friday, February 22, 2013

Throw on the flip flops/hats for the sun and kick back for the weekend is exactly the mood I was put into upon indulging in a little beach fix for the afternoon. Aside from finding my future cliff diving spot,  soaking up that precious Vitamin D with a pretty little friend was a perfect relaxation break from sitting at a desk and studying all day. Moments like these are so important and when overwhelmed with school, work or any battles in our social lives, finding a spot to clear your mind and put life back into perspective appears to make everything seem at ease again. I'll admit I'll always be like a five year old at Disney Land when it comes to the beach. No matter what, I'm way the thrill of watching the waves crash and sun set behind the water is everlasting....and enough with the philosophical tangents about the ocean....

K now some fun stuff -- MAGIC Market Place in Las Vegas took place this week and Tuesday was filled with appointments and trend analyzing/forecasting and all that other fun stuff.  Popped by some, what are now some of my favorite brands, and met a few fabulous people. My social media friends TwitterFacebook and Instagram have done a little bit of recap, but coming up will be a trend report from our favorite, Steve Madden. Lets just say, boots galore and I'm way too obsessed.

Now we shall talk a trend -- THE POWER OF A BASIC. I'm a sucker for mixing crazy patterns, but for a casual friday channeling my inner 90's child it's accomplished with the help of as ASOS crop top. The minimalistic aspect to the tee makes way for layers on layers with them jewels (a Melrose Trading Post treasure for a whopping $10). Pair metals (be a wild one and mix silver and gold) but keep a relative distance between the two you're pairing or even stack them on top of each other. Looking for the serious 411 on stacking jewels? Join me on Pinterest and check out "My Style" featuring "Me and Lex" (2 girls with the ability to party like a rockstar via neck!)


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