Monday, June 27, 2011

5 O'clock Somewhere!

Family vaca time! Last week the Fam and I were lucky enough to get out of the "bubble" and adventure into Cabo San Lucas for a couple days. It was a solid 5 days with a lot of tacos, beer and sun. After the amount of tacos we had, it's going to be a long time until the next one. Plus, nothing compares to authentic Mexican Food. It was AMAZING. It also didn't help to have our hotel right next to all of the prime restaurants on the beach...not that I'm complaining.

Mexico is always known for its good finds when it comes to jewelry and random nic nacs..although they're also known for their ridiculous prices! The best part about it...negotiating. After talking to Julio for 20 minutes I was lucky enough to walk away with my new favorite Jade a reasonable price. Nothing is more fun than checking out the vendors on the beach and walking away with a memoir from your trip.

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