Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Enjoy your Delicious Moments

Traffic is NEVER fun...unless your with good company and listening to country music while the sun is shining. When I have days with no work, it's my time to take advantage of what's right in my backyard. Soo nothing beats a trip to Berkeley for some Blondie's pizza, some shopping and a pit stop at Fish Ranch Road. 

Nothing gets better than sitting at the top of this road on a beautiful day. It's the most amazing view and it really makes you appreciate where you live. I never really realized until I got older how much is right down the street from my hometown and I have definitely taken that for granted.  If the clouds weren't quickly rolling in, I could sit up here for hours because nothing beats being able to glance at this city we call home. Wayyy too lucky! 

Free people shorts, Lush Tank, Nordstrom Necklace, French Connection Hat, H&M Glasses 

                    Whatttup Ms. H&M... My lovely friend, Emily, rockin her adorable H&M Vintage tee and             High waisted Hot shorts

Sunset Heaven...its hard to catch this spot without fog, but when its clear it is AHHMAAZING. 

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