Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kelly Who?

 Inspiration at its finest:
 Kelly Wearstler

"The presiding grande dame of West Coast interior design." - The New Yorker
 Kelly Wearstler is an interior designer of the West Coast and is one of my personal style leaders. While recently being exposed to her in W Magazine, she has demonstrated an unreal amount of creativity that has left me inspired and in the mood to hit up local thrift shops. Recently I have been very into home design and with Kelly's blog she has showed me a whole new meaning to modern art. She mixes things up with bright colors, abstract sculptures, and throws in something no one else may have seen as beautiful.Kelly is a women who doesn't stick to one trend, instead she mixes them all together. As you may notice from her work, color, color, and more color is her motto. Kelly sees color as the things people remember the most, and incorporating that into a room is what has made her so unforgettable. As she adventures to the unusual places to find unusual things, check out her blog and get inspired!

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