Monday, August 8, 2011

You Be the Artist

Steve Madden Wedges+Free People High Waisted Flared Pant= 5 foot 2 with some real long legs. 

Yess I am very short. Although, with these 70 inspired floral printed pants it gives my legs a chance and elongates the heck out of them! Besides that, they are probably the most comfortable pants I own. The elastic waste band and wide leg rayon crepe gives me a free flowing feel and leaves room for that extra dessert after lunch;) 

Once again I am going to have to dedicated a majority of my outfit to Forever21(Fringe vest, Jewelry and lace Bandeau.) I had originally bought this vest as an accessory to my 70's rock costume for halloween, but little did I know, I'd get more wear out of it than half the clothes in my closet! 

This last March in New York I made my way into Soho for a couple days to do some shopping. Yes, the streets were lined with high end designer stores and a load of popular franchises, although what caught my attention first and subsequently left me with my favorite souvenir, was a small stand ran by a man with a beard down to his chest. Questionable to say the least. Clearly I was skeptical of this random booth, but the shiny embellished silver with an assortment of stones caught my eye. As soon as he told me this was a 5 Dollar deal my eyes were not leaving. I'm a sucker for cheap jewelry(then again who isn't). For the amount of misfortune when it comes to losing my rings, any five dollar keepsake is worth it in my book. 

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