Monday, September 26, 2011

Laced Up

I found an Off Saks Fifth 10 minutes from my house, fell in love, and now I need another job. I picked up this dress, that was missing a belt, and could NOT part without it. It was a little frumpy without a belt, so luckily I had a simple black tie to give it some feminine shape. Less is more in my opinion, so as much as I wanted to throw some color onto this ensemble for a last chance summer splash, my lace-up stilettos and black clutch were my two partners in crime for the night. 

Enigma Lace-up Heels, Vintage Necklace, Rylee Quinn Dress, Urban Expressions Clutch

Yeah...I know... I'm a baseball field wearing a dress. How many looks do you think I got from the crowds of people sitting on the grass fields?! Real Awk, but soo worth it. On a night downtown San Diego, my Rylee Quinn dress, Enigma lace up pumps and humidified hair made a pitstop at the Petco Field to check what now seems to be my favorite get away. The field wasn't surrounded by huge walls, but instead was opened up to a beautiful park and sitting lounge where open access to the stands was available. Next stop is onto a treadmill at the gym overlooking this beautiful scene. It may just be because I'm a noob to this city, but in my book it's a San Diego sight to see for sure. 

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  1. hey gurl! I met you at the fashion art show in Balboa. Love meeting new bloggers! following you to help support:) Check out my blog.. hope to run into you again sometime