Thursday, September 8, 2011


Stop Number 1...Swap Meet

It was a rise and shine, bright and early kind of morning and all due to the saturday morning swap meet (I was just LOVED for waking everyone up.) I think they wanted to kill me with the 8:00 am wake up call, but I'm pretty sure our $1 jeans, $3 shirts and $10 jewelry made up for it.  Oh wait, and can't forget the new pet fish Diega that lauren forgot to feed 2? R.I.P:(

Other than that, the day was a steal and this necklace and dream catcher were the little saturday present to ME, love ME.

BINS AND BINS AND BINS=$10 gold Costume Jewelry 
Lovely Day Shirt

The best friend with the most adorable puppies I've ever seen!  Oh and don't forgot the plethora of $5 iphone cases in the background. Chaaa ching. 

I think I'm over dream catchers being for your room... 

Next Stop...Ocean Beach 

After driving to Pacific Beach and having to come home due to no parking the day before, we figured a different beach was going to have a brighter future. So...Ocean beach it was. Got our burgers, played some football and went in the 40 degree water. Get me a wet suit and next time Demi is trying some surfinnnn(To do list)

After a crazy weekend, stop number three was a goodbye to the best friend:( and hello to a day of relaxation. Minus the weird rain and thunder, it's been 90 degrees and sunny. I've had to scavenge through my Northern California attire to find something fitting to this weird humidity and after avoiding even simple cotton, sheer has been my go to.

  Urban Outfitters Shirt
 Forever21 Jewelry
 $15 shorts from Melrose Trading post 


  1. Seems lots fun here, these pics are really delightful to see, Thanks for sharing your happy moments that I really enjoyed, your smile looks great!!…:D

    Check out my blog if you have the time :D

  2. Thanks! I love Romwe's clothes and your blog looks fab! I definitely follow you:)