Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The "Dog House"

First things first....Adele's performance on the VMA's=AMAZING and it gave me legit chills. As much as I love her solo this has been one of my fav collaborations for the past couple months. Oh and John Legends Rolling in the Deep...Check it outtt.

Back in ACTION

Two weeks with no internet and no cable and finally my house and I are connected back into the world! Moving into my beautiful new space has been stressful, but creating a room of my own has given me a lot to do and exposed me to many new ways to get the best for your buck while decorating. Moving into a room half the size of the one at my home up north was quite a change and not gonna lie I was little worried on how it was going to work out. First seeing it I thought, there was NO way I could turn it around, but as I started to fill it with things here and there it soon felt like my own little home and it became a very fun project. My "doghouse" isn't complete quite yet, although with all the searching for cheap finds here are some bargains best for us broke college kids!


Lamp $15.00 Table Decor $11.00 Blue Vase $6.00


Vintage Chest $50.00 

*Don't have much space in your room, but want to add decor? Combine storage in areas other than plastic bins. This light weight vintage chest is large enough to store all of my shorts and pants while giving the room an extra touch.

Vintage Jewelry Box $20.00


$10.00 (Picture clips) $20.00 (Pen holder) 




and the small space that I like to call my "doghouse" is slowly but surely close to complete...kinda... note the classy shades (#college) 

MUST FIND: Pillows pillows and more pillows! 

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