Monday, October 31, 2011

Back to the Basics

A last minute trip to the back up north was my savior this weekend. Being away from home for three months has been one of the hardest things, but I was lucky enough to make it back for a quick trip to see the family and roam around San Francisco. 

Walking into my home I never realized how much I missed fall and my mom's amazing decorating skills. Every corner of my house is filled with pumpkins, leaves, and skeletons, and it finally started to feel like Halloween. 

My mom makes sure to not even forget the smallest touches. She really knows how to cover every inch of the house with holiday spices.  

{If I'm in the city and it's lunch or dinner time, there's no way you won't find my family and I at Golden Boys. I've had my fair share of pizza, but this blows away anything I've had before. The little hole in the wall in little Italy can be over looked, but it's a stop you can't miss if you're in the city}

{Vintage box that would be a great edition for a place to keep rings and hidden treasures under the removable top.}

{My new must have's}

{The odd streets of haight, but BEST thrift shopping...especially for halloween}

{Favorite cuban restaurant, CHA CHA's}

{Mommy dearest and I}

{Top of the world

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