Thursday, October 6, 2011

Museums and Headbands?

San Diego has been having the strangest weather and it's not something my hair gets along with. In order to tame down the lion mane that decides to erupt as I walk out the door, my favorite 'go-to' is this vintage scarf I found in New York last year. Its perfect to keep down the fly aways around my face and takes a little bit of time out of my getting ready routine in the morning. 



 One of fall's hottest trends right now is leather. Now I'm not saying go out and buy a cat women suite, but adding a splash of leather to a casual outfit can add some edge and give that plain white tee some fun. I've been searching high and low for the perfect leather shorts and a leather vest for those days my girly-girl self feels like being badass, but for now my oversized Forever21 button up and Forever21 leather skirt are going to be my partners in crime.

 Joan and David Shoes I scored at the local Nordstrom Rack. Good day. 

My favorite part about outfits posts are the journeys they are starting to entail. Every shoot is in a new place and as I explore the beautiful San Diego, I am excited to bring you along with me! Balboa Park is full of museums from photography and astronomy to natural history. Weddings are held in beautiful gardens featured around the park and it is my new escape for my weekend runs. Here a few shots of later in the night and a little recap of my favorite buildings.
 (These don't even do it justice)

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