Wednesday, February 8, 2012


In 4th grade we were assigned a mission project of our choice. 
Living in SF when I was 10 left me with no idea how far San Diego
 was...especially for a project. Then I settled with visiting Mission 
San Jose and finally, 10 years later I've been placed in a spot that 
doesn't require more than 10 minutes to get there. So why not? 

4th grade Mission project round 2:


Lace Pants: Urban Outfitters/ Oversized T-shirt: Brandy Melville / Suede Button-up: Zara/ Bracelets: Forever21, Roommates Closet / Embroidered Bag: Straight from Mexico...literally

One of the many "what the hell are you wearing" comments came from these pants. And not once, twice but three out of the only three times I have worn, what is far from a plain normal pant, have I been stopped and asked what's exactly on my legs. I guess people are confused by the fact that instead of a bare-all leg mini-skirt or shorts, I decided to go for something a little bit more subtle...maybe not though. I guess it's a little rambunctious in the sense that they are made of lace and aren't your typical denim jean, but when it's not a, show my leg kinda day, these bad boys let in just enough sunshine. Paired with a gifted Brandy Melville shirt from NY, Zara button-up that not denim, but suede, it has left plenty of color space for this embroidered bag straight from Mexico. 

And that my friends is my 4th grade project remix. 


  1. Love your outfit! You rock the lace pants!


  2. I love this post!! it made me smile because I have a younger sister and she is doing to mission project right now! haha

    Those pants are insanely awesome by the way!! Love the hippie, punk, cool feel of this outfit!


  3. I have found your blog and I really like your style!
    About this outfit, with this pants it looks speciall and very cool!

  4. i adore your lace pants! you have a nice laidback style. i love it!:)

    followed you! hope you can drop by my site too and check it out! :)