Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Mix-Up

A Day Flexxin’

These last couple of days has provided us lucky So-Cal kids with buckets of rain, hail and a huge storm that poured on everyone’s St. Patty’s Day plans. Considering this only happens, what? Twice a year, I was still selfishly crushed and freezing my ass off. And then there are the poor spring breakers…thinking they're making their way to "Sunny San Diego” where they come to find out it’s probably warmer where they all came from. 

Oh, and for more on weekend happenings - looks like Invisible Children’s Co - Founder, Jason Russell, was enjoying his spring break in San Diego too.... Seems like he forgot whom he's exactly trying to make infamous though. Nice one. For those of you haven't turned on the radio, news or hide under a rock, I'd recommend googling his silly name. 
And on a brighter note - FLEX watches. You know... those lively colored, super stylish watches created by Travis Lubinski and Trevor Jones. Well, with Mr. photographer James Norton, we made our way to the Pacific Beach coast, casually hung out on a roof, froze our butts off and successfully shot rad lifestyle photos featuring these bad boys. Made for both men and women, these Coachella bound, must have addition to your current arm party, are designed to benefit a specific charity revolving around the specific color purchased. 10 Colors, 10 charities, 10 percent. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about I recommend you check them out and snag a color. 


....And all while rocking these studded loafers, vintage tee, Forever21 black jeans and gold spear necklace. Too much fun!


P.S I don't model. Those aren't me. Just threw some outfits together for these snazzy people. And lets keep in mind it was making due with two models bags of clothes... Did what I could!

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