Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Backside Upgrade

Over the past few school seasons my go to for a school bag has been a simple tote that I snatched up at MAGIC in Las Vegas. Now that the handles are falling off and it's at its last end, I figure it's time to upgrade my backside and find that perfect backpack.The truth is, I always felt like I looked five when trying to rock a Jansport or any other asset that should be strapped to my back and that seemed to just weigh me down and stick directly out, only hitting people as I walked through halls. Actually, I don't think I've searched for a backpack since I was in desperate need to own all things Barbie, but I can't help fall in love with fashions upgrade in creating a stylish backpack that can be used in all aspects of a college students daily life. I love the recent style that seems to collaborate a spacious tote with the cross body pleasure of being hands free so upgrading my I come. 

From the basic, simplistic patterns, to the trendy native american inspired detailing, here are a few favorites to help spice up that daily school outfit.

5. TopShop 

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