Friday, April 27, 2012


After this post I have learned to save what you are typing! Needless to say, everything written was deleted this morning. So here it goes, a little shorter, but round two… time to share with you one of my new favorite restaurants. As I was aimlessly driving Kettner Road in Downtown San Diego I came across what it had looked like people at the same table, but one sitting outside….and the other inside? I guess this concept was new to me, but what I suppose you can call an open air restaurant, has left me infatuated with it's urban style d√©cor, trendy atmosphere and amazing food. Time to introduce, what many know as, Underbelly

Menu Time: 

I couldn't resist trying, Underbelly, a place where I I soon found out was a Japanese inspired menu. This menu was overwhelming - different types of noodles, sauces and vegetables that I had not once heard of, although this overwhelming menu was in no way bad. Even though I was a child when it came to dealing with chopsticks and picking my meal, the friendly servers made sure to seek out what we would potentially enjoy the most. Needless to say, my Vegetable Noodles were bomb and mission accomplished. Also, if you'v ever tried Pho, its kinda like that....but better. 

Underbelly had me fooled as it looked like a lunch spot hit, but as the night goes on, you will find a line out the door and a space filled with love, close friends and good night of their favorite beer and sake. 

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So there it is, my guilty pleasure laid out for you. Getting lost downtown is never fun, but what you can come across always ends up being worth it! 

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