Friday, June 15, 2012

Remember all of those times you've sat down in a chair scared out of your mind to turn around and look at, what was supposed to be blonde highlights. This has been an incident that has been reoccurring far too many times for me. Let me just admit to you that yes, I've been there and no, purple and red in my hair are not my thing. Never again will that happen though. So in advance, shout out to the hair gods (Maurice + Keely) and thank you for those sunkissed highlights that I'm never unpleased with. 

It takes way too many attempts for me to settle with a hair dresser, but after what seemed like endless searching to find a hair coloring genius, I've landed in the chair of Keely at Maurice Salon in Danville and I'm not moving! A few hours with saran wrap plastered to your head can be quite drawn out with a colorist who pays little attention to the chemicals firing in your hair, but the occasional check in and never arid conversation with Keely makes for a tedious task to even be enjoyable. 

This hotspot is a small boutique salon that has been on Hartz Ave for years and is under the Paris trained legendary stylist, Maurice Cohen. All hair dressers have trained directly with Maurice and his signature techniques have been passed through the salon leaving you never dissapointed. Apart from the excellent training and years of experience, the entire salon's ambiance is energetic, yet peaceful to create a relaxed enviroment. Along with a gorgeous style cut, be prepared to enjoy a hand crafted cappacucino or glass of's the little things like this that get me attached!

Now for the actual coloring talk: I only go into the salon twice a year, but each time I've had the Balayage technique used on me. The colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. Balayage can be used in even the shortest pixie crop however the best results is in hair below the shoulders. The best part about it is the maintance! It's a very economic choice because you never have a solid demarcation line and when it goes out, the result is very natural and can be worn for months. For a college student, you have no idea how this helps my wallet!

So with horrible experience in many salons, satisfaction has finally been attained! I may live in San Diego now, but Keely can expect me twice a year for as long as my hair needs some color. Still not convinced of the genius stylists residing in Maurice's salon? Head over to their facebook page and check out past clients and pictures. 

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