Monday, June 18, 2012

1. The Shirt: This shirt holds gallons of memories... in each sleeve. Pieces that hold sentimental value are worth every penny spent on them and I love having a story that goes along with it. Last year when I was moving out for the first time and heading to college I made a roadtrip through California with my mom. One of the stops was in Malibu because I had to do a walk through of one of my favorite stores, Planet Blue. I think it was evident in the car that from my obsession with their online store, there was no way I was going to leave the empty handed. Yes, Planet Blue, I lovelovelove you. Anyway, I left with this Indah number...which looks like a shirt, but is actually a dress. With a few little tucks and adjustments, I realized it suits me much better as a shirt.

2. The shorts: Forever21 favs, also seen here, but before they went through a little bit of DIY distressing. The stretchy, thinly made short has been my favorite short to wrip a easy!  A little bit painful, seeing that they were one of my favorites, but it worked out way better with a couple of shreds. Paired with a plan white shirt, the denim needed a little bit of texture to add a balance.

3. The Hat: Also seen here. Thank you Madewell for appearing in Miami on my way to Costa Rica. This straw hat has been my best friend and recent upgrade from the classic fedora that is sold everywhere and anywhere. Hats are my guilty obsession because honestly, I dreaddd doing my hair!  

It's been 100 degrees and still 85 at night and I love it! These weeks have been flying but, but whether your summer is being at work everyday or by the pool, I hope have been enjoying it! 
Have a wonderful week!

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