Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You never realize how much your hometown has left an impact on your life until your first time leaving. I'm finally settled back in the Bay Area for the summer, but the few months away have taught me to appreciate the place I've come from. It's definitely a time where we find a lot ourselves catching up with the ones we  grew up with and we dedicate nights to reminiscing on the memories you seem you'll never forget. Even though most of us lose touch with some of the closest people from high school, time seems like it hasn't even changed as soon as you meet up. Another perk:  I've also found a ridiculous amount of excuses to eat out at my favorite restaurants in Danville, all of which have not changed a bit (thank god)! Now I'm just waiting for the 90 degree weather and hot summer nights the bay area usually brings to kick back in! 

1. Uniq Sweater (found here)
2. H&M Skirt
3. Steve Madden Sandals (Similar here)
4. Chloe Sunglasses
5. Vintage Necklace
6. Hair by Keely at Maurice Salon 

Oh on a side note, I've completely jumped out of my comfort zone when it comes to this sweater, but I couldn't resist snagging it from one my new favorite stores, Luna in Huntington Beach (more on that next week.) Be sure to check in for a feature on trendy, yet affordable for my college wallet...I died over everything in the store. 


  1. love your blog! i live right near danville...and i hope by restaurants you mean chow! it is simply the best.

  2. I love chow! Bridges and Petes Brass Rail and Car Wash have to be my all time favorites though...first stop when I get home! I love coming across a fellow bay area blogger! Best of luck:)