Monday, July 9, 2012

The ultimate work perk -  A pair of summer heels that lay borderline heel and wedge, but with the ultimate platform. Common Misconception: They're not going to kill you, I swear. I've only heard about the "non-walkable monster  height" all day long., but honestly these Lovely People shoes that Tootsies in Danville are selling out of like crazy help a sista out all day long. Don't let the extra few, maybe 5 inches, scare you because I've been able to stand eight hour days working on my feet and still feel great. Crazy, considering I'm a high class wimp when it comes to "monsters" like these. The back to the 70's craze is playful, yet sophisticated and even though I rarely dare to be so high off the ground, these "monsters" are just really not as high you think they are. 

So, I dare you. 

Forever 21 Dress /  Levi Cut Off Shorts / Lovely People Heels / Urban Outfitters Accessories 

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  1. Great pictures! And thanks for your comment; I always use a Sony compact camera, love it :). X