Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sweet Summertime Skies 

San Diego shed light onto a whole new meaning of a sunset while living here this last year. Bay area kids, we have earthquakes, So Cal you supposedly have random summer lightening storms and what seems to be indescribable skies at dusk (oh, and your beaches are nice too:) My effortless notion to be surrounded by such beauty kicks in all the time and it's seems to no longer be a surprise. No matter what hill or rooftop I find myself on some of the most everlasting serene moments present themselves each and every time the sun begins to set.

I. Love. It. Here. 

Urban Outfitters Shorts (Similiar found here)

And happy middle of the week my friends. Hope it's a good one!

Thursday I turn 20.....OMG!

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