Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Old Town, San Diego 

The long anticipated new season has finally snuck up. Crisp and cool, yet just enough sun to warm up the air has prompted us with what San Diego considers fall. Minus the lack of falling leaves and rain that I'm use to and which I'm a guilty fan of, it still resides as one of my favorite times of the year here. Plus, beanies + boots overflow my closet and I have no problem with assenting to a shift in wardrobe. Any chance I get, I'll admit, you will see some knit, pom-pom beanie like hat on my head. Although, weirdly enough, I gave the beanie a break for a day and safe to say... I felt naked!

I opted for knee high's, target boots and an oversized military jacket, sufficed my fix for mexican food and felt it only necessary to indulge in a childhood treat - root beer floats for two! 

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