Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rolled up Harley 

This post is basically dedicated to the weather that is finally starting to feel like fall, an amazing weekend in LA and what looks to be an even better weekend ahead. 

Crisp mornings, yet sun still shining set way for an early Sunday morning that was later filled with guilty pleasures- homemade crepes, flea market bargaining on Melrose and people-watching the streets of LA, all of which filled my craving for a new scenery. It left me with memories, new friends and a Harley Davidson shirt that means more to me than the impressive bargaining I did to get it. I think I'm also really stoked because I can finally put a beanie on. Cutting my getting ready regime even shorter? Yup, and couldn't have come faster. 

Yeah, that's a sticker on my shoe. Oops.

Getting away is exciting, but San Diego isn't exactly the dumps... so after the easiest drive home from LA (no traffic? weird), it was nice to be back. Setting off again this weekend and this time to where it's really fall. Back to the bay area for much needed family lovin' and a home cooked meal. 

Happy middle of the week everyone! 


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  1. awesome look! i lovee your necklace, and your boots are awesome!!