Friday, December 21, 2012

Alongside the rest of the world, Pinterest has seemed to accumulate the most coveted of mine. Ranging from how my home will look, as soon as I have to the freedom to decorate my own space, my favorite trends, and overall inspiration for daily food, fitness and fashion are all easily piled on a board with a click of the precious "pin it" button. I'm quite the devotee, although considering the mass amount I tend to pin it was about time I picked a few of my favorites. After being an avid fan of Bella's wholesale products, Bella Luxx's retail line of dresses have caught my eye. This maxi dress has been one of my favorites because of the overlay and cascading fabric in the front. Versatility is up there on anyones list and when a number as chic as this can go from day to night, I feel only inclined to make it a part of my things to pack for a trip back home. With the help of a black Tibi Sandal, go glam into the night. Hanging around all day to shop? Throw on a pair of the booties, beanie from here, and you're ready for these algid days.

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  1. nice! Merry Christmas!