Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guilty pleasure of coming home is the traditional mother daughter closet swap that seems to transcend each morning. Packing for a month is frustrating and not endearing one bit, so I tend to pull the lazy card and throw the most random peices in my suitcase. Although, over the year I've learned to save myself the hassle because ultimately mothers closet will be the go to.

So far this week has been a catch up break, catch up on relaxation break - and I love it. I'm the type of person who has to constantly be going going going, but with a few friendly reminders to chill out and relax I've been able to fully embrace real life break.

And more at it with that hats - for all you who are hesitant to throw something on your head because of that overpowering thought of notoriously dreaded hat hear, I say embrace the trend and just don't take the ever so stylish head gear off. Together we can invest less time on our hair and only focus on the 3/4 that really needs to be done. This serious matter will result in a solid 1/4 of our hair that does not need to be tattered with, ultimately giving us that whole 15 minute extra time in bed we long for. There's a homeless bum inspiration here, this pirate-esque gora featured today and more to come (cut up dickies baseball hat named by some) next week:)
Zara Top
Sequin Shorts (similar here)
Forever21 Boots (similar here
Tights (similar here and here


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