Thursday, August 18, 2011

California Dreamin'

Roadtrip time! This last week has been one of the craziest weeks I have ever had. Apart from moving into my new house, I adventured throughout Southern California for a couple days and made just a couple pitstops. 

Stop numero uno: Malibu

After obsessing over Planet Blue's website for way too long, I was lucky enough to run into one right next to my stop for dinner at Nobu. There are so many stores I would love to have right outside my door, although part of the fun is getting to randomly run into the things you love that you can't always get. As soon as I saw the 70's inspired prints in the window hanging next to oversized dream catchers, I knew I was at the right place and did not want to leave. My poor mother...having to wait for me as I sift through racks and racks of clothes(I love you mama!). Coming across these random obsessions are usually a topper to my today because I finally get the right to splurge! I mean its only necessary...everyone needs a souvenir from a trip and the white dress below was mine!:) 

The lucky find from Planet Blue..perfect for a night out on the town when you're in the mood to stuff your face. Flowy and a perfectly baggy dress for taste testing the whole town. I don't think I mentioned this, but throughout this road trip I was living out of my fully packed car. These super comfy Steve Maddens are usually my go to, although with my other souvenir from Santa Monica, it was only necessary to combine the two. Once I got to my car it was goodbye Mr. Steve Madden and hello Jeffrey Cambpell. Switcheroo and boooom dinner in Beverly Hills I'm ready for ya!

Jeffrey Campbell... thank you for entering my life! xx

After Malibu and Venice Beach, this Socal tour was put to a close with a trip to the infamous Melrose Ave Trading Post. I first adventured into the great finds on Melrose a couple years ago and with a busy schedule I could never make it back. I always remembered how different this flea market was from anywhere else and I knew I had to get back ASAP. This was number one on my wish list for stops during this trip and thankfully we made it. After a long couple of days of constant driving, waking up  early to drive again wasn't exactly what we wanted to do. Although, with the thought of possible finds for my new room, I was more than okay with the bright and early rise and shine and the always interesting trek to find our way (thank god for iphone maps...lifesaver)

                       (The best afternoon break from a load of searching for treasure....CREPES)

 (My personal closet for a couple days)
No idea how I did, but yes, I managed to get my whole room into my little ford escape. 


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