Tuesday, August 16, 2011


(Berkeley to the extreme)

It's been years since I've been to Venice Beach, but this last Saturday, starting bright and early, my mom and I adventured the crazy streets of Venice. My mom is a morning person and I am DEFINITELY not, so for the first couple hours I was a zombie walking the beach. That was until breakfast..the cheapest and probably best early morning snack I could have stopped for. Bread pudding? I didn't even know that existed and after experiencing Shulzies I was instantly happy. The day started off slow, with not many people on the streets, but as the sun started to break through the strand turned to madness. WEIRD MADNESS. 

Venice Beach is one of those places where I could sit at a restaurant and people watch all day long. Artists, performers and even bums lined the side of the street tying to show off what they thought was the latest and greatest. From RARA Superstar's famous paintings, to a homeless person selling "Bum" signs, you are bound to see it all. Half naked, dancing Santa Clauses in the middle of August may have topped it off, although watching the creativity and individuality of each person made for a day I will never forget. Oh and the $10 score on earrings I found. Featttherrrrs.

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