Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Saturday DO:

I've had the best summer this year, although it was hard for me to find a spare day where I could try something new and exciting. Recently I've dedicated Saturday's as the day to do that. I recommend to everyone that you pick at least one day of the week where you can do something you want to do. Go out and do something you wouldn't normally try. For me, this Saturday was definitely unlike normal Saturdays. White water rafting anyone?!  I decided to take a much needed break from packing/running errands and fly down the 2 degree water instead! 

River READY with the best friend! Making a statement with the shoes...I never thought I'd find these bad boys waiting for me in my garage. Mom was on top of it for sure.

Oh and I finally fixed my camping crave! Woooo. I forgot how completely non luxurious camping really is though. Blow up mattress...fail. But making s'mores, sitting by the fire and totally roughing it with the best friend was so worth it.


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