Thursday, May 24, 2012


Every women is notorious for overpacking, but there is no doubt about the possibility to fill a suitcase with exactly what you will need. I can admit I've packed 5 pairs of shoes too many, dresses I never took out of my suitcase, and more swimsuits than the days I was staying.Call me crazy for packing like this, but after getting shot down at the airport for having over 60 pounds of  very useless "necessities," I've taken on a new method to packing for a trip. By following these, somewhat tedious tasks, it ensures for a much lighter travel...and more room for goodies to return with!

Keep in mind what activities you will be doing. Considering this destination, the heels can be kept to a minimum. It''s safe to say that because it will be 100 degrees and a trip filled with waterfalls, hiking and zip lining...  I will be in shorts, t-shirts and a swimsuit for a majority of the trip. 

Sandals...and running shoes 

Make a list of the things you will need. There are so many times I will make a mental checklist, but when I go to pack half of my list seems to disappear. Making my lists are one of my guilty pleasures because with it written write in front of you, there is no missing anything. 

Jean shorts and lightweight tops for the very humid and hot weather. 

Overdue reading to get me through the flight 

Minimal make-up selection

Laid out outfit for the plane. 

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  1. I'm glad my post gave you some inspiration on what to see in LA ;)
    You have a lovely blog!