Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Belief from a god.  

I''ve been coming across Ryan Gosling Meme's all over Pinterest and I couldn't help but share one, one that is more appropriate in my life right now. Finals week is here. Finally, after a dreaded long couple of days last week, the six tests and 5 essays are ready to get off of my table and into my teachers hands. Finals week is a week for most that feels like all hell is breaking loose and often times we forget to relax and breathe. I''''''' ve acquired a few 'must do's' for this week that will stick with me for the rest of my college career and they not only give me moments to remember my life isn't coming to an end, but they re-energize me for the endless hours of studying my way. 

  • Go on a run... or walk. Get outside and get fresh air! Your brain can only consume so much  until it is goes through one ear and out the other so give yourself a break:)
  • Find a relaxing study spot. Stay away from the living room, especially if you have five roommates, and turn off everything distracting. You''ll only end up having to study even longer!
  • Switch up the study spots! I can only read so much and I can only look at the same wall for so long. Mix up the scenery as it gives you a refreshed punched attitude towards conquering those tests. 
  • Make a list. Put in order the things you need to get done. Put the most important at the top and the things that can wait towards the end. Don't put anything unnecessary or not crucial for that week - you're going to end up with a two page list and  freak yourself out!
  • Eat healthy to stay energized! Lots of protein and light foods that will keep you fueled throughout the day. Sugary and heavy foods will make you sluggish and lazy, making it difficult to get to work!
Thanks to Ryan and these helpful tips, this week hasn'''''t been as stressful as the past years  have been. Two down today and only four more to go! 
Good luck everyone!

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