Tuesday, May 8, 2012

T-shirt Tuesday 
{Day ONE} 

The shirts produced and all that garment talk was never ending in my life. With a mom who was in the brand merchandising business and was always throwing new apparel my way, it turned me a little t-shirt obsessed. There are a few vintage stores in San Diego that I've found myself digging through to find the most comfortable and used t-shirt. The older the better. There is none of that stiffness nonsense we have to deal with when getting a new t-shirt. I have a guilty pleasure for vintage teams apparel, so even though this bulls shirt was 5 sizes too big I figured some tucking, cutting or tying could make it work.

T-shirt Tuesday I call this. Taking the basics that we all have in our closets and adding a little somethin-somethin to see how much it can be transformed. You'd be surprised what you can come up with when you have scissors, a lot of jewelry and many different colored denim. 

Day One. Ready. Set. Go.

Begin with an oversize vintage t-shirt and Jeans. Looks like I'm going to bed so lets add....

A forever21 Necklace and 5/48 Heels 

Can't keep the T-shirt too oversize. Give it a few tucks around the waist of the jeans and add a belt for some structure.

and to finish it off add a blazer for a more sophisticated, yet very casual look.! 

Audrey Blazer
Forever21 Accessories 

5/48 Heels
Forever21 Jeans
Vintage T-shirt from Frock You San Diego


  1. Love this post! Great idea to show steps of the outfits. I'm pretty sure Man Repeller does something similar! I love the polished result of that grungy tee! :D

  2. very cute!! love the way you ended up pairing that casual tee. Outfit came out perfect!