Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday feature:


On Tuesday you experienced the bra... worn as a top in a somewhat socially acceptable way - today is the skirt. The tear drop skirt that accompanied that little bad ass number and all seen here. I have to share with you the store that carries this skirt, along with my favorite shirts.., oh and is now my main source for high waisted shorts. I'm not gonna lie I had the best first experience when visitng the SOHO, New York store. Who would have thought that wearing a MARSHALLS kimono would capture the eye of the owner, resulting in getting hooked up with a free tee... So yeah, I might be a little bit bias, but that tee has been my all time favorite and go to shirt for the grunge, casual kinda day, which can also be seen here

 This little hole in the wall shop surprised me as I found one in Santa Monica, then recently, it opened in my hometown in the Bay Area, and now Pacific Beach, San Diego. It's one size fits all throughout the store and which makes it even easier to shop because it will fit. At very affordable prices, most items are intended to be lose fitting, and for those of you who enjoy your basics to be flexible and soft, everything in the store will indeed win you over. 

Thursday is the start of my weekend and while exploring through town on the way to accompany my roommate to experience my favorite store, there was an unexpected stop at a random flower shop. Nothing captures me more than vibrant summer colors, and fully bloomed sunflowers are one of my guilty pleasures. Considering it was a long day of sitting through class and taking tests, this casual thursday was a call for my school staple: converse and Brandy Melville Cut-off. Yup, told you I liked that store. 


From top:

Tootsies Cuff
Flea Market Find
Brandy Melville Skull Bracelet
Gifted Silver Belt Buckle
DIY Gold Chain
Forever21 Black Adjustable Bracelet 

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